Smart Funding for Growth Chasers

Multipli your business.

You have an established customer base. Your strategy is sound and you’re confident of growth.

All you need to do is unlock the capital to continue developing your products, stay ahead of the competition and reinvest where it matters most.

Now you can.

Finance your customers for their IT& T or renewable energy equipment or for the life of their SaaS contract. Receive full payment upfront. Offer customers the flexibility of month to month payments. No more cash flow bottlenecks. No more chasing payment.

Multipli offers innovative finance solutions that give your customers flexibility, make it easier for you to sell your products and services, fuels your business with capital and keeps you in control, with no loss of equity.

What people are saying.

Multipli helped us fund over 5250 individual client contracts. Without this pioneering funding method we would not have been able to achieve the great success that we have had for both LEAP and InfoTrack.

Christian Beck

Founder, LEAP and InfoTrack

Why choose to Multipli your business?

Our funding solutions are a smart alternative to bank, VC or angel funding options.

It’s easier and faster to secure and does not require you to divest equity or control over your business.

Ready to grow?

If you have a financially sound business established for more than two years, a direct sales force, sell to business customers and are looking to grow through finance, you’re eligible to Multipli your business.