Multipli SaaS Finance

Access full subscription value upfront. Retain your equity and business control.

Multipli SaaS Subscription

Pre Payments

Ideally suited to growth stage SaaS companies, our pre-payment program lets you turn new subscriptions into instant cashflow.

When you Multipli, you can say goodbye to protracted sales negotiations around upfront payments. There is no need to wear the administrative burden of chasing monthly payments.

We finance the contract, you receive the value of the full subscription up front and your client pays us an easy monthly payment.

Your customer pays no interest so it’s better than bank finance. It’s quick and accessible and it’s simpler than applying for VC or angel investment support. And best of all, you retain 100% control and equity, whilst eliminating the negative casflow experienced after customer acquisition.

What people are saying.

The interest free funding arrangement available through Multipli is a pivotal component of our business model. It gives us a real competitive advantage in our chosen market.
The approval process is fast, simple and straightforward, and we get paid quickly.

Bobbi Young

CEO, LEAP Legal Software

Access Funding Upfront

Say goodbye to negative cash flow. Enjoy the full contracted amount, up front and credit risk free.

Retain Equity & Control

Stay in the driver’s seat. There’s no need to trade control, equity, your seat on the board or to risk a personal guarantee.


Submit your paperwork. Meet the criteria. Accreditation in no time.

Why Multipli Your Saas Business?

You’re bigger than seed funding. You’re too early for venture capital or private equity. Your cash flow may be considered too slow or low for a bank.

But you’ve got a great solution. Your clients love it. Your pipeline is fat with opportunity and you’re 100% committed to getting your business on to the fast track. All you need is the working capital to support your own growth.

That’s where we come in. Our smart finance solution was developed with growth chasers in mind.

No credit risk. Complete control. Cash up front. An easier buying decision for your customers.

That’s how you Multipli your business.

Who do we accredit?

If you have the following, let’s talk business:

  • Sound SaaS metrics and have been established for 2 years or more
  • A direct sales force selling to business customers and,
  • 12, 24, 36 month customer contracts

Ready to grow?

If you have two years of business records, a sales team in place and customer contracts of 12, 24 or 36 months, you’re eligible to Multipli your business.